Hello writers-

Hello writers-

Ok, this is not your typical post. This is a post to get started with posting on this site and how it will all play out.

This site is about the new and upcoming writer or copywriter. This site is a place to where new and upcoming writers can show off their stuff and give out their affiliate links.

At MediaGut, we believe, that everyone needs a start somewhere. Why not give them something to write and be seen and heard! Hence the name. To give someone a chance, to grow their own portfolio, but give them a chance to start somewhere.

MediGut is looking for writers. Contact us for more details!

Let us ask you this-

You obviously are looking to find what this site is about, what we do. We are not worried about imposter syndrome. Because we are all imposters at one point! Seriously. We, us, or all of us, are looking for a way around the problem that many want a portfolio somewhere other than our own blogs.

We get it. This site is about creating a place where copywriters and writers can show off their work and have that additional website to show off their talents!

Content on this site is property of the respective owners. Every effort is made to ensure security and prevent spamming on posts and comments.

Any affiliate links are from the authors and MediaGut. Please respect the writers and support them by following them through social media links and professional links. Feel free to contact them about future work. We want all of our writers to have a good experience and be able to find more clients rather than just gigs.

As before, any questions feel free to contact us to see how we can help you advance your career and presence in a crowded field!

comfort zone

Looking for something to do?

How about starting a writing career?

It is something you can do in your spare time. Gain experience, and have fun doing it!

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