What we haven’t learned.

Have you noticed that we haven’t learned anything to move us forward since the Industrial Age.

What I mean by this is that it started to be about money and how to oppress the workers. We still build cities here with a drive in mind to get to work, shop, go to school, etc. You see the issue there.

We also haven’t learned how to effectively act towards others as well as handle issues that are important to others. No, we haven’t gotten really better, but I somewhat feel that we have taken a few steps back.

Latest news and heartaches.

So what have we learned since the ’70s?

That Nixon’s war on drugs was a profiling effort, just using the drug epidemic as a cover. Which is still going on. How many drug-related crimes have you seen or at least heard of involved a white person?

Guns and religion go together like oil and water. Yet we make it work and groom, yes groom the young ones to do the same thing later on in life.

When was the last time a politician did anything for their constituents other than for themselves and their financial interests?

A lot of questions, somewhat unfulfilled questions that answers are not forthcoming. There is more division within our Federal, State, and even local governments that it’s putting a strain on everyone.

Not only the rich, since they can’t seem to control politicians anymore. The poor people are left holding the bag. Nothing is being done to help them.

Housing, delayed resources, high prices for everything, mass shootings, women’s rights being taken away by a man. It goes deeper.

Still on the hamster wheel

Back in January, there was talk about repealing Roe vs Wade. Well, the wheels of the justices are grinding very slowly! A few leaked documents and sound bites from the justices and how they feel, mostly based on their political affiliation, have angered a lot of people.

Then there are the recent 2 mass shootings, one still underway in the investigation. While the police chief is now on the city council. Not sure about that timing, but also not talking to anyone. Including investigators!

So since this continuing to happen almost on a daily basis. Nothing is working. Much less the ability of Congress to act. Not without having the other side cry foul like a Karen.

Inability to act

With the latest news about Covid coming back, people acting like spoiled brats that are armed. It’s no wonder that many foreigners are not wanting to come to visit or do anything with us.

The news says it all. You are literally not getting the whole story. We only act based upon what some celebrity tells us to do.

We don’t act unless we are triggered by something and if a well-known person tells us to act.

Maybe we need to bring back the protests again and the civil disobedience. That seems to be the only way we can literally work together on something in this country.

Tell me your thoughts

I want to hear your thoughts. Knowing full well that there will be those who don’t see the bigger picture or think this is biased or even racist. It is how I see it right now.

Let’s hear your view of the world from your eyes.

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