Portfolios and starting

Let’s get to the point to what is happening lately.

I started to work on a website, just to see how I can actually work on something.

Also to actually see if I can do this or just what I am actually capable of.

More to the point

So I have been trying to keep up with a few things and have finally focused on what it is that I actually want to do.

I can say that I no longer want to work in the restaurant industry again. Not because I don’t love it. The culture has gotten really bad and I no longer want to subject myself to that kind of mental abuse.

Besides I love creating whatever medium it may be in. Even to the point where I enjoy marketing.

So how did Medigut come about?

With the current flood of newly minted copywriters from various courses and boot camps. It was time to bring another online portfolio website about.

Did I really plan for it?

Nope. Not this time.

About the why and it’s problems

The why about the recent flood of copywriters is there is a lot of them!

The other reason is since Covid has managed to encourage more people to pivot into a remote type of field…and you get what we have now with new copywriters. Including myself.

The other part of the why is that I also have thought about what it takes in order to get clients. The biggest part is getting seen, the ability for you to have your work seen as well.

This is where the problem comes in.

If you are new, like me, you want to get out and show off your work.

Let’s not kid ourselves here. Many posts, courses and the like will all tell you to create a website, blog, or one-page portfolio.

Seriously? If you have time and actual money then yes, that would work.

Not here. I want you to not have to worry, but to actually write more than the design process.

Yes, you may have the ability to set up a marketing funnel or automate a newsletter.

But what about your written works?

Further down the rabbit hole

Writing is probably the hardest part of copywriting. Everyone wants you to write in AP, Chicago, Business styles, but not how everyone actually speaks and talks.

Not to conform to styles, but to showcase your skills in long or short formats, technical whitepapers, or even in posts about UX design.

The object is to actually write something and to #juststart somewhere.

The point here is to actually grow out of this site and onto your own. Think of it as the minors before going pro!

Further Considerations

So the bigger picture is to provide the place, to become a bigger instance of ourselves.

This means the website is better suited for you to actually learn about copywriting and all the nuances that come with it.

So you dove headfirst into copywriting and finding that there is more to it.

Same here. Except I learned more of the programming side of it early on.

I can do the technician side of things, but not quite there in getting the passion side of it across.

This is how I learn from others, as others can learn from each other.

To help someone get .started is my goal here. Helping you go from the minors to becoming more of a pro at copywriting in your chosen niche.

Sometimes you have to start off with an unpolished look before you grow. Have patience and build upon that foundation!

One last thing

The mission for all of this, since this is a long-winded post.

Is to help you get started. Not sell you a course or presentation.

That is what affiliate marketing is for.

There is no charge for joining or adding your work to the site.

The goal is to have your write something current and be seen to land that next gig.

Using the power of 3 here.

  • 3 keywords (long tailed from another post, crossposting is great!)
  • 3 tags if different from your keywords
  • A picture or banner for your post, article or whitepaper.
  • An open mind and willingness to learn.

That’s it. Nothing more basic than that.

More info will be posted in better detail on the resources page.

If you want a link to bring traffic. Here is an affiliate link Gaining traffic. Mobile friendly and low cost.

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