Consuming Information in a digital world

How many times have you checked your phone for a notification or received an alert by text for a package being shipped to you?

A lot haven’t you? Look at it this way. When you get that text message for a shipped package? That is information on a micro-level. Not something you would actually find out in the open.

This is information in the digital world. What you give consent to have another service to give you an alert, message, or text about a product status or service request in a more real-time environment.

Types of digital information

Let’s break this down further into more manageable parts. While it may be a TL;DR moment. At least you have a resource to look back onto.

There are at least three main types of information that we are consuming these days. Entertainment, Educational and Informative.

We can break this down a little further for each one to get a better understanding of how the information really interacts with us as we consume it

Entertainment Information

This is probably the biggest part of the information pie that we interact with. This all started way back when the internet was relatively new. Getting that flash ad or literally 10-sec video on a dial-up connection was the start.

Now we get our information in full movies, short videos, games, social gaming, etc. While the content to what we seek out isn’t new. It is how we consume the content. Video is by far the biggest and most data-eating part of the content we consume. No longer do we actually use paper to a degree when we can find the information or a walk-through video about what we search for.

Entertainment is now done through online streaming, short-form videos, and live feeds. Have you started to look at what you are consuming and what about? Maybe even looked up that character in a movie and see if they have been in other movies. If it makes us laugh or have a moment of happiness, it’s entertaining!

Educational Information

Ok, this is probably the smallest of the information that we consume but is gaining ground. I say this, because of Covid, that education information is growing. We have seen how about half, if not more, of the children in school during the pandemic did not do well in an online learning environment.

This does not help with also that adults as well were new to this space. The credibility of online classes and non-teachers giving out education information we also creating a divide.

Yet, while this kept many from moving forward to learning something, it also gave an indicator of how well we comprehend and utilize this new information. Did the standards get lower during all of this? doubt it. We actually changed our perspective about how we learn.

The biggest form is by far video. All the PDFs we get from signing up on a blog or article about learning something is still content. Except for this time we are doing it by our phone and it’s becoming more of an information tool than an actual phone!

Informative information

This is the only part of the information that actually covers all the others, but also is a section of itself.

We all consume information in this section by watching the news, reading about a product recall you may have heard about on the radio by a news blurb.

It’s about getting the information out to you. Since many forms are available to make this happen. It is easy to have you notified if you provided the access to be notified.

I am sure we all have looked up a news article online through our feed somewhere and clicked on the link to read more about it. This is how we are consuming information and is more of an “on-demand” style.

We are no longer tied by what we used to only be able to see through paper and television. We now find the information, look for it in many ways and formats. To better understand and to actually find it factual.

Let us put this all together

So we have three forms of information, but not how or what information is consumed.

Video and pdf formats are the most common. There is a growing segment of reels or short-form videos that is making up for other ways for information to be taken in.

Since we are doing affiliate marketing these days, and influencers are doing the same as well as likes. They are doing a short-form video to tell us about a product they may be selling on behalf of another. Like a much cheaper form of commercial! The perks are better through affiliation.

While many look to find written articles or blog posts about any information we search for. Email and consenting to receive information to read at a later time is now becoming more common. This also adds to the amount of digital “paper” we keep. Do we reshare it? Maybe repurpose it for others?

The biggest part of all of this is that we are consuming a lot of information in different ways. Gone are the days when only the television and newspaper were the only ways to get information that we wanted to look for.

Can we over consume?

This is a question that has been tossed around, but no one is saying anything about it. We all know that children are the biggest demographic that is attached to a phone or tablet growing up. What are they watching? Videos, online television programs, and learning apps. While this could be an issue, they are learning early on about how to consume information. They may be better suited to the nuances of having a data-driven device in their hands to consume. While the rest of us had to learn about it after we had already grown up.

Consuming information has also led to other issues with building trust, honesty and above all else being real. This is not an easy thing to do when there is plenty to get your personal information and do whatever with it.

We are to a degree, over-consuming information. It has started to skew our perception of what is real and not real. Politics and mandates aside, it’s hard to figure out what is really true or not. Which can create a cycle of constantly searching for the truth in information and collaborating it. Not easy when you eventually feel like a hamster on a wheel!

In short

We learned that there are at least three aspects of information. Also that there are many different ways for information to be consumed. From videos, emails, white papers, and PDFs.

We consume it all through mobile and laptops across the world. How we exchange that information with each other is another matter. We all consume some sort of information about how to go about our lives or to use it as a tool for work or education. The real question is, how to best assimilate that information in all of its formats and use it the most efficient way we can.

Now that would be a nice way to finally find a way to make money, provide valuable and factual information to others without too much of a fuss!

Now onto making that information video…

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